Response to First Travel Related Cases of Zika in Flagler County.

On September 15th, 2016 The Florida Department of Health confirmed two positive cases of travel related Zika in Flagler County. Out of an abundance of caution, the District has been conducting control operations in areas of suspected cases in advance of test results. As always if you are experiencing problems with mosquitoes you can submit a service request and an inspector will visit your address and assess the situation to determine appropriate control measures.
The “Zika Mosquito” is not a new threat and is a very common backyard mosquito. It is called a backyard mosquito because it spends its entire life in and around your backyard. It doesn’t fly very far, only about 200 yards. You can eliminate this mosquito from your yard by simply removing water holding containers that it uses to lay eggs in and reproduce such as buckets, old tires and trays under potted plants, making sure your gutters are clean and not holding water and cleaning up trash like soda cans and plastic bags. If you can’t remove a container, such as a bird bath or bromeliad plants, simply flush them out with water every few days to remove the mosquito larvae.