Report Mosquito Activity

If you live outside Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler Beach and Marineland we do not provide services through the District. Residents in Rima Ridge and Espanola pay special assessments to the County, approved by referendum, to have services provided and can request services from the the District.

All other areas outside the District are sprayed at the request of the County which reimburses the District through the general fund. To request service in areas outside the District, please call Flagler County at 313-4001.

Please note we may not contact you unless you give permission to inspect your property so we can properly evaluate the situation.

We do not maintain the canals or control aquatic vegetation.
Contact the City of Palm Coast Phone : (386) 986-2360 Email :

*Unfortunately we have not been able to provide service in the following communities because we cannot gain access: Marina Cove,  Beach Hammock,   and Gambia Woods.

If you do not want us to look at your property please call the office instead of submitting a service request.

Click here to enter a request. —You DO NOT need to call if you submit your request online.