Map of Currently Planned Adulticide Operations

All spraying operations are conducted between 10 PM and 6 AM. 

Spray missions are conducted based on trap counts and landing rates that are collected to assess the situation on a daily basis throughout the District. This is a required strategy as we cannot apply pesticides without justification.

Areas to be treated are hi-lighted in yellow. If no zones are hi-lighted there are no planned missions. The map is updated by noon each day.

* Aerial Adulticiding to be conducted 9/24/20 after 12 AM to include portions of Matanzas Woods, Indian Trails, Pine Lakes, Grand Reserve, Cypress Knoll, Lehigh Woods, Woodlands, and Daytona Beach College.  All missions are subject to change due to weather.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to provide service in the following communities because we cannot gain access: Marina Cove,  Beach Hammock, Cinnamon Beach, and Gambia Woods.