Post-Hurricane Irma Mosquito Control Efforts

Hurricane Irma dropped a significant amount of rain and has left many in our community with significant post-storm cleanup. Unfortunately, ten to fourteen days after a flooding event, mosquito eggs that were laid in the soil before the flood event will begin hatching. A large mosquito outbreak is currently anticipated due to the amount of rain waters received from Hurricane Irma. These mosquitoes will plague residents and workers in the area, further hindering clean up and repair efforts.

For residents of Flagler County who live within the boundaries of the East Flagler Mosquito Control District, areas East of Highway US1 not including Plantation Bay, you will receive adulticide services by truck and helicopter as usual. As of today, our routine surveillance efforts show very high amounts of mosquito activity but by September 25 the situation will become extreme.

Flagler County Emergency officials are requesting State assistance in controlling mosquitoes county-wide. The East Flagler Mosquito Control District is working with County Emergency officials in gathering surveillance data to justify FEMA’s help in controlling mosquitoes county-wide. The County may choose to treat for mosquitoes by contracting either with the District to provide limited spraying using the helicopter, or contracting with a private contractor using airplanes in large spray blocks over populated areas or where utility work is needed.  When spray missions are planned in the District they are conducted between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM and are posted on our website:

All pesticides utilized by the District to control adult mosquitoes are only used when needed. Products used by the District are applied in very small amounts, less than an ounce per acre, which is aerosolized into fine droplets to contact flying mosquitoes. The pesticides break down rapidly as soon as they are released, so as to not build up in the environment or leave a residue. The documentation for the products used by the District is listed on our website (Operations > Pesticide Information) and further information can be found under Mosquito Information > FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).